*GALLERIES* Coast to Coast Int'l Tiki Trek- Calgary 
Highlight for Album: An evening with Slacks Ferret
Album: An evening with Slacks Ferret

During our time in Calgary we spent a fantastic evening with Slacks Ferret. First we had a wonderful dinner at Tropika Malaysian Cuisine [1518 Centre Street NE, Calgary, AB T2E 2R9 (403) 230-3330] which was a real treat! The drink menu was classic, and several drinks come served in genuine Trader Vic's ceramics. The decor, while not strictly Tiki is definitely tropical. Then after dinner we headed over to Slacks' house to see his many artistic forays into the wonderful realms of Tiki arts; ceramics- including custom mugs unique to his soon to be home bar, wooden carvings, and his wonderful huge paintings! This man has TALENT! His home bar is slowly materializing and shows great promise!
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Highlight for Album: Tribal Expression, Calgary
Album: Tribal Expression, Calgary

So there we were, driving down the street in Calgary, when suddenly we had to turn around and confirm that yes- we did see Tikis! Low and behold, a local Piercer has added FLAMING Tiki (mugs?) to his logo! Excellent! Take a look at the webpage to get a better look at the logo- http://www.tribalexpression.com/
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