*GALLERIES* Coast to Coast Int'l Tiki Trek- The first ever, 'Holy Crap! It's a Tiki Event in Vancouver 2005' 
Highlight for Album: Funhauser Decor
Album: Funhauser Decor

The starting point of our Vancouver crawl; the store closed for the afternoon for a very special gathering of Tikiphiles. Truely, a trove of Tiki Treasures! http://www3.telus.net/funhauserdecor/location.htm
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Highlight for Album: Ragland's Bistro
Album: Ragland's Bistro

For dinner, the thundering herd of Tikiphiles took over Ragland's.
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Highlight for Album: The Waldorf Hotel
Album: The Waldorf Hotel

Then off to the legendary Waldorf Hotel- http://www.waldorfhotel.com/ The trio of Polynesian themed rooms are rarely open- other than by rental, but if you ever get the chance to see them- run, don't walk! We caught a show with Lushy and the Buttersprites, and had the very special opportunity to explore, taking many pictures as we went.
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