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Highlight for Album: Pepe le Tiki and Atomic Al's "Beautility" and apartment
Album: Pepe le Tiki and Atomic Al's "Beautility" and apartment

While "Beautility" is the actual name of their bar (the product itself), I find the term descriptive of their entire apartment. We were kindly invited to spend an evening watching the fireworks from their Exotic abode- we had no idea what we were in for. Suffice it to say, we now have very dear friends in Vancouver! Their home bar is a feast for the senses, and their terrace garden is every tikiphiles dream 'backyard' jungle. Mahalo!
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Highlight for Album: Atomic Tiki Safari
Album: Atomic Tiki Safari

The apartment across the way that shares the floor with Atomic Al and Pepe le Tiki's apartment are Tikiphile neighbors- with an Atomic focus. We just had a few moments to peek at the apartment, and I readily admit I wasn't being much of a shutterbug. But here's just a taste of their pad. All the more reason to get back to Vancouver soon, I suppose!
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